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A carefully curated collection of the world’s best luxury hotels

At the most outstanding addresses, in the world’s most vibrant destinations, The Set Collection is bringing together the modern grand hotels of our time.

Beautifully Composed Hotels


The Set Collection is comprised of some of the world’s most exceptional, likeminded, independent hotels and resorts. We believe that it is the artistry of our people; our combined talent, skills, expertise and flair that create inspiring environments and individual experiences that feel beautifully composed.

Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem, Israel

Our mission

It is the artistry, the harmony and balance in what we do and how we do it. We have a desire to evolve and innovate and stay attuned to our guests and their needs.

The Set Collection Hotels - Conservatorium

Uncover the most outstanding addresses,
in the worlds most vibrant destinations

Iconic Locations. Endless Possibilities.

Explore each of our properties, from their impeccable designs to their rooms, restaurants and wellness settings, as well as exclusive offers and packages.

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The Set Collection Luxury Hotels
The Set Collection Hotels


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The Set Collection Hotels


The Set Collection enables owners to retain their hotel brand and identity alongside the day-to-day management of their property, whilst taking advantage of our tailored services to support the operation and their existing teams.

Afilliation with The Set Collection aligns your hotel alongside likeminded, non-competing properties, encouraging our member hotels to work together and share resources.