24 HOURS ONLY: in Amsterdam

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24 HOURS ONLY: in Amsterdam

In this day and age, it is difficult to find oneself in a truly remarkable European city. As water flows through the canals and as charming architecture greets you from left and right, Amsterdam continues to delight and surprise many a traveller, with something new to discover each time you find yourself there. And whilst this is a city that needs very little introduction, it also has much more to offer than meets the eye – which is why 24 hours simply won’t do it justice.

That being said, however, plenty can be done in Amsterdam on a minute’s notice, and you’re sorely mistaken if you believe you won’t see any of it. With the Conservatorium hotel’s clever location and proximity to the very best the city has on offer, 24 hours is the perfect challenge. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Brasserie at Conservatorium


07:00 – And Stretch

Beginning your day the right way requires some careful thought. The immediate choice is to enjoy your breakfast and mull over your plans, but you’re on a deadline here and it’s time to get smart with your day. And starting smart means one thing – a little hit of endorphins.

As you approach the Conservatorium hotel’s Akasha Holistic Wellbeing spa and gym, descend the steps into a sanctuary that makes the mornings a little easier. Whether you’re a laps in the pool sort of person or prefer a little yoga, the exceptionally knowledgeable therapists and instructors at Akasha will ensure you get that blood pumping.

09:00 – Foodies Delight

In the Conservatorium’s atrium space, you’ll find a delightful area dedicated to some of the best food the area has to offer. Cliché? Absolutely not. The expertise of the chefs and kitchen team shine through, with some having prepared breakfast since the moment the hotel opened in 2011. With a litany of fresh juices and carefully and beautifully prepared dishes at your disposal, enjoy a little mid-morning respite.

10:30 – Pit Stop Shopping

Ready to burn some calories after that hearty start? No problem. The nearby PC Hoofstraat has all of your luxury needs. Bounce between Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and Rimowa, and fear not – with the luxury mecca’s proximity to your comfortable suite at the Conservatorium hotel, your purchases will be out of your hands in no time.

Don’t feel like going too far? With the SKIN Cosmetics store and a host of other partners, the Vam Baerle Shopping Gallery within the Conservatorium hotel is sure to have everything you need.

Ready to keep a move on? Then discover the nearby canals and the delightful architecture as you wander through the streets completely bagless. If it takes your fancy, boat rides along the canals are sure to be a moment to remember, but with so much going on, you can always give yourself an excuse to come back…

13:00 – Not Your Average Lunch

You’re midway through the day, now’s the time for a pick-me-up. Whilst the convenience of the Brasserie is always an option to fall back on, consider meandering the streets of the city to find an exemplary option for your mid-day meal. But since you’re here on a short timeline, let the Conservatorium hotel concierge team take over – with their exemplary recommendations, you’ll be seated and served in no time.

PS – if you’ve never been, do like the Dutch and don’t turn down the fries and mayonnaise. It’s a local delicacy we hear…

14:00 – Museum Mania

Feel like you’re running out of time? Don’t be ridiculous! As the afternoon settles in, get your culture vulture boots on and discover the Museumplein, the area that the Conservatorium hotel calls home. A trifecta of the world’s best art, here is where you’ll find some of the best collections in Europe, and no matter which you choose, you’ll leave feeling more inspired than ever.

For fans of the maestro himself, the Van Gogh Museum is a cleverly designed space that maps the artist’s life through his artistry. An easy, enveloping experience, wind your way through the painter’s iconic artworks, and dive deeper into his biography at the same time.

For lovers of the contemporary, the Stedelijk Museum is the place to be. Expand your horizons and consider some of the most intriguing pieces of contemporary art and design in one magnificently designed building. New perspectives are in abundance here, so do keep an open mind, and let it open even more.

For a more classic touch, of course, there’s the palatial Rijksmuseum. Overlooking all of the Museumplein, this grand damme of the art world in Amsterdam is bound to scratch your museum itch for the afternoon, giving you ample opportunity to soak up the best of The Netherlands’ art masters, as well as some international influences.

And, for those looking for something a little more Instagram-friendly, look towards the Moco Museum. With outposts exclusively in Amsterdam and Barcelona, Moco will make those snaps all the more eye-catching for posting on your feed…

17:00 – Venturing in the Vondelpark

It’s time for some fresh air, and the Vondelpark is bound to give you some reprieve from a long day of indulging your tastes. Rent a bike and meander around this winding, lush park like a local would, or simply find a place to settle in to take part in some people watching.

Of course, it may seem redundant to spend your precious hours remaining in a park, but one must always remember that stopping to absorb in your surroundings is always important, and in such a beautiful space such as this…Well, you’ll appreciate it!

19:00 – Banging the Dinner Drum

After a long day, you’re likely ready for something to top off your experience. And where better than one of the city’s hottest restaurants, beloved by Amsterdammers far and wide? That’s right – Taiko Cuisine & Bar is regarded as one of the go-to spots for the best Asian inspired dishes in the entire city, courtesy of the exceptionally talented and creative Schilo Van Coevorden.

Whether inspired by springtime Hanami traditions or brisk autumnal touches, expect wondrous menu options no matter what, as Asian cuisine and Dutch ingredients meet right down the middle. A destination in itself, Taiko will certainly offer you whatever you desire, but for those looking for alternative options, your friends at the concierge desk will be sure to find you something that suits your tastebuds this evening.

No matter what you choose, however, be sure to relax in the Lounge with a pre-dinner drinl. The unofficial ‘living room of Amsterdam’, this relaxed haven will probably remind you of being home – and that’s part of the charm. Just let the bartenders whip up a signature concoction, and you’ll be on your way.

22:00 – Settle In

That’s it – you’ve done it. With Amsterdam under your belt – at least a little bit – it’s time to sink into the comforting, cushioned softness of your bed. In need of a nightcap? With a menu of options just a phone call away, there’s sure to be something to satiate your sleepy time needs. But for us, nothing beats practically diving into the deep, oceanic bathtubs, or simply letting the rainfall shower wash away the day (and yes, that WAS a Natasha Bedingfield reference).

And although there is plenty more to see and do in Amsterdam, with everything a simple stone’s throw away within the city, you’ll be itching to come back and discover even more. And for the team at the Conservatorium hotel, you’ll be bound to be welcomed back like an old friend.

We guarantee it.