The Set Collection’s Guide to Luxurious Family Escapes

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The Set Collection’s Guide to Luxurious Family Escapes

Nothing says togetherness like a family escape. Whether you’re diving head first into “Baby’s First Trip” or bringing multiple generations of family members together, a family escape is a broad idea, and oftentimes can be cumbersome. Enter The Set Collection’s phenomenal luxury hotels and residences around the globe. Each with their own charms that will only enhance the quality family time you’ll be embarking on; these aren’t your average getaways for everyone from your in-laws to nieces and nephews – these are elevated and exemplary.


Poolside relaxation or a day on the beach? Have both at Hotel Esencia!

Poolside or Beachside?

There’s nothing quite like a day, week, or maybe even a month by a calming body of water to keep the little ones – and perhaps even the eldest family members – utterly enthralled and preoccupied. And there’s where the serenity of Xpu-Ha comes in. At Hotel Esencia, as the waves of the Caribbean crash gently against the shores, there’s only one worry that your entire family will have to face: poolside or beachside?

The soft sandy beaches of the Riviera Maya are renowned for their luxurious nature, and with Hotel Esencia’s location on a private stretch of beach – complete with adorable turtle hatchlings at certain points of the year – it’s not hard to see why frolicking amongst the sand is an enticing option.

Of course, Esencia’s perfectly sized pool comes with its own charms, with signature yellow sun loungers making teens and young adults snap their Instagram shots aplenty. And when you and your SO are in need of some alone time, the private plunge pools atop the suites of this beautiful resort immediately come to mind.

In your villa era? Time to arrive at Ultima Corfu.

Vivacious Villas

Considering a larger family get together? We understand – as the world regains its confidence following a few years of limited travel, the idea of a multi-generational gathering is all too enticing. But how does one bring grandparents, grandchildren, and perhaps even distant cousins and great-grandchildren together in a way that not only accommodates their needs perfectly, but is also stylish and luxurious enough to suit your preferences?

Enter the stunning Ultima Corfu, with its exceptional location along the coastline of Corfu. The calm blue waters of the Ionian sit below, and with your private dock access, a day amongst the waves on a chartered boat are only a simple phone call away. With the Ultima concierge at your disposal, as well as a private chef, personalisation is the name of the game in Corfu for your family escape.

Thinking of something a little more seasonal? Ultima Crans-Montana and Ultima Megeve make for equally as exceptional destinations around the calendar – spring in the mountains is fresh and airy; summer is blissfully hazy and fragrant; and autumn and winter bring the delicate blanketing of snow and perfect chance to hit the pistes.

Activities Are Awesome!

Keeping the littlest ones in your life on a family excursion is often a paramount concern. After all, even in Paris with all the art and sculptures to enjoy, sometimes all the kids need is a little fun of their own. That’s where the Lutetia Paris’ new children’s activities come in.

Featuring the hotel’s adorable Shar Pei mascot, Lulu, the youngest in your lives will be enamoured by the treasure hunt around the hotel, looking for unique features and details that will earn them plenty of prizes from the hotel’s smiling staff. Plus, with child-friendly catering services, bespoke spa access times for them to enjoy, and even bitesized bathroom linens, your children will form fond memories of their travels from the moment they arrive.

Kids enjoy a Royal Nanny-approved gift when they stay.


The Upper House’s jungle-themed playroom is a must visit!

In the market for a different destination? In London, from tepees and iconic red buses to Royal Nanny-approved amenities and even half-term days filled with activities, Hotel Café Royal is waiting to welcome you and your children with open arms and an imagination that will delight all ages. And in Hong Kong, look no further than The Upper House’s unique children’s residency program, complete with board and table top games, music classes, and an exclusive jungle-themed playroom filled with playful furniture and even sustainable wooden toys.

Ready to Stay Together?

A luxurious stay is tantamount to making key memories with the whole family, so being too far apart even in the same hotel is completely off the table. At The Set Collection, our expert Reservations team are ready and waiting to match you with the best option to accommodate your entire family. Interconnecting rooms, entire wings, and the perfect villa – nothing is off the cards for our agents, who will be able to prepare the perfect itinerary for you in whatever destination you choose.

To book your next family getaway, contact us via [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 4525 1968

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