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The Set Summer

Summer blockbusters aren’t just for the cinemas! With The Set Summer, let us curate your Beautifully Composed summer plans, including an indulgence that many dream of the entire year – an extended city break to make the most of the sunshine! Or, if you prefer last minute plan changes to salute the spontaneity of life, then fear not – The Set Summer is here to address all your flexibility needs! Dive into action-packed excursions and exciting experiences at each of our destinations, and prepare to make this a summer to remember…

  • Conservatorium, Amsterdam

    Amsterdam positively sings in the summer! A gentle breeze dances along the canals, with boat rides immersing you in the architecture of charming buildings, and the Conservatorium’s prime position in the Museum Quarter also gives you the chance to soak up the sun and some culture. Enjoy a long weekend with our exclusive 4 for 3 offer, or change to one of the Conservatorium’s sister destinations as you see fit with The Set Save & Switch.

  • Hotel Café Royal, London

    Ready to see London in the shimmering sunshine this summer? There’s a plethora of phenomenal things to get stuck into in the British capital, from exemplary dining to some of the best shopping in the world. And with Hotel Café Royal as your gateway to the luxurious Mayfair, eclectic Soho, and refined St James’, you’ll revel in our 4 for 3 offer to maximise your experiences. Or, swap to one of its sister locations with The Set Save & Switch to keep you on your toes.

  • Hotel Lutetia, Paris

    Paris is the city of light, and in summer, it shines even brighter! With the excitement of the Olympic Games in the air, the Lutetia Paris gives you access to the serenity of the Left Bank, from exemplary shopping and elegant cafés to sprawling gardens and museums. Soak up the city’s iconic sights with an extended break with the exclusive 4 for 3 offer, or change your mind (if you so wish) and head to one of the Lutetia’s sister hotels to enjoy different sights and different summer adventures.