3 Icons, 1 Palace

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3 Icons, 1 Palace

A hotel with a luxurious, carefully curated suite is by no means a ground-breaking feature – in fact, one might even expect it. But for Paris’ only Palace on the Left Bank, it’s more than just an expectation that must be fulfilled – instead, it becomes a second life for the person that enters the very space, causing them to enter an entirely new universe.

Indeed, for the Lutetia, a considered approach to curating suites has long been a passion, ensuring every single detail is correct. Hence why this exceptional destination sought to carefully curate some of the most phenomenal suites in tandem with icons of not just Paris, but the arts as well.

Isabelle Huppert

With a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, three Cannes Film Festival honours, and even an Academy Award nomination, Isabelle Huppert is a household name when it comes to acting. And with her impeccable taste and elegant style, it only felt natural to have a suite curated by the actress – hence the Suite Parisienne by Isabelle Huppert was born.

Photos – Suite Parisienne by Isabelle Huppert

Mimicking that of an elegant Parisian apartment, the suite features subtle nods to Huppert’s own taste and style. Accents and furnishings feel refined and discreet, much like the actress, and the suite is adorned with nods to Huppert’s illustrious career, from scripts to stills from her many films.

Photos – Suite Parisienne by Isabelle Huppert

Josephine Baker

With a glittering history as one of the centuries most prominent performers, Josephine Baker was a force to be reckoned with. And no performer from the time left their mark on the Lutetia quite like Baker, who was a frequent patron and beloved friend of the hotel at the turn of the century, and so the decision to dedicate a suite to this divine damsel was a done deal from the get-go.

With a balcony that overlooks the Left Bank and out towards the Eiffel Tower, the Josephine Baker suite at the Lutetia is emboldened with soft, delicate features, reminiscent of Baker’s alluring femininity. And to top off the divine decorative nuances of the suite, a mural of Josephine sits atop the ceiling in the sitting area, a playful reminder of her status as a true star. And of course, one cannot forget the Art Deco-inspired bar a few floors below, Bar Josephine, which was also named after this magical star.

Francis Ford Coppola

One of the Lutetia’s most famed guests just so happens to be one of the world’s most highly regarded directors – with five Academy Awards, six Golden Globes, and two Palmes d’Or, Francis Ford Coppola’s work has long been regarded as some of the most iconic to ever grace the industry. Coppola’s influence on film throughout the decades has been unparalleled, and such a magnificent career deserved to be reflected in the Suite Penthouse by Coppola.

A long-time guest of the Lutetia, Coppola’s force in film is reflected in this curated suite, with Coppola’s personal touches found throughout. From the cleverly annotated scripts to the director’s own personal memorabilia, this is indeed a suite to be devoured by film buffs and Coppola fans. And the icing on the suite just so happens to be the panoramic rooftop terrace, overlooking the entirety of the Left Bank, allowing one to take in this everlasting city.

Despite there being plenty more signature suites to discover within this Parisian Palace, one can’t help but agree – these icons of the arts and culture feel right at home in this icon of the Rive Gauche.

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