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Surrounded by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, fresh seafood is just the beginning. Watch as your culinary journey becomes exclusively your own in Corfu.


No matter your culinary preferences, Ultima Corfu is here to make your residency a memorable one.

Immersed in one of Greece's most notable islands, you find yourself in a personalised space where every whim is catered to - including your menu. As you settle in to dine, your menu becomes a perfectly curated experience of its own.

A Private Chef

Expecting excellence? Look no further. With Ultima Corfu's private chef Alexandros, every detail of your menu during your residency is bound to delight. Made to your exacting standards, irresistable Grecian icons are joined by your all-time favourite comforts, with exceptional ingredients being the only option.

The Luxury Ultima Breakfast

A perfect example of "If You Know, You Know", the Luxury Ultima Breakfast is renowned for its exceptional composition. At Ultima Corfu, experiencing it poolside, as a cool morning breeze ripples the water and dances along your party.