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Wellness isn’t just limited to one season – after all, this is only the beginning of something entirely your own.


No matter the season, your wellness is always the top priority.

Whether the snow is knee-deep and freshly crisp for the perfect slalom, or whether the green grass sings in the breezy mountain air, Ultima Megeve is a year-round haven for wellness lovers. And diving into your wellness journey has never been more enticing.

Welcome to the Mountains

In your private residence, you’ll embark on a wellness journey in this exceptional space. With a host of facilities and bespoke treatment menus connecting the two residences at your disposal, the thought of staying inside and foregoing the hills and sights is truly tempting.

The Spa

At the spa, your treatments are entirely bespoke. Catered exclusively for you, Ultima Megeve brings together world-class therapists, masseurs, and even hairdressers to ensure your wellness journey fits your needs.


State of the art equipment is available in the fitness space, and with stunning views as you swim, you’ll find that the endorphin rush in this exemplary spot in the mountains will keep your progress going. And going, and going, and going…

Your Bespoke Programme

Bringing together the finest therapists, aestheticians, yogis, and personal trainers, your programme is curated exclusively for you, by you. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for the kids to enjoy themselves as well.